Thursday, November 22, 2012

Over the Fence. Never On

   Often times when I walk around the city I point my camera in any which way. Steady it, and shoot.
Actually I shoot like this anywhere. But it's particularly effective in the city. NYC is so jam packed with...well EVERYTHING. You often overlook beauty and interesting lighting because there is just so much going on around you. There's only so much your eyes can process at once. This is why I use the random. Or better yet, embrace it. Whatever may come.
   Don't over think it. Don't over analyze it. Because it separates yourself from your work.
Now, of course that doesn't mean you can flail your arms around with a camera in your hand and you'll get a great shot. Believe me I've tried. It's not very interesting o_O.
I have my own method. And it's pretty simple. I look for places where light is dancing.
No matter how mundane or seemingly uninteresting that certain spot is, I'll shoot it. The cupboard. The bedpost. This fence. Anything. Perhaps the light is dancing in celebration of conquering darkness another day. Or maybe they're going to have Chuck-e-Cheese for dinner. I don't know. Regardless! The light is dancing! It's fucking magic.
   And now, here is me looking up one day under a Manhattan fence. And there I saw the light dancing.

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