Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back in Panoramic.


I've been on a long hiatus from updating this site. Yes I know, I'm sorry.
But in the meantime I haven't stopped shooting and I've started to take an interest in film cameras. And I don't mean SLRs. I mean old..crappy...used..light leaking...Russian cameras.
And any toy like plastic 35mm cameras. I am basically talking about Lomo cameras at a tight budget. Lomo cameras like the Diana and Holga can be a bit pricey considering they are garbage, plastic, unreliable cameras. If you do a little research online you can find cheaper cameras on Ebay that are essentially the same thing as the well-known Lomos.

These shots are taken with a Vivitar PN2011 Panoramic Camera!(Not Russian)
Sounds like a crazy camera right?
Well it is!
But not for reasons you are thinking of...most likely.
(I love how it says FOCUS FREE like it's a good thing)
That is what it looks like...sweet right?!(Roughly $10 on ebay, though I found mine for $1.99)
it is very technologically advanced. The plastic fixed lens shoots at 22mm.
It has a switch you move down...and it goes into PANORAMIC MODE!
which brings up these black bars that cut off the top and bottom of the film.
This technology is so advanced..I don't expect you to understand.
It's so awesome that it didn't even wind properly.

Boogie Down 183rd St. Station
Brooklyn Bridge.
Brooklyn Bridge.
Boogie Down 183rd St. Station.
Cloud Club.
Cloud Club/Brooklyn Bridge.

Thanks for viewing.


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