Monday, December 27, 2010

Ghost Sight

Ghost Sight, originally uploaded by TokyoTImeFlickr.

Dumbo, gazing over at Manhattan.
Something went terribly wrong here. I can't explain what happened, but it's a ghostly one.
Actually I can explain it. This is a well known phenomenon called Shitty Camera. I'm sure you've heard of it.
The Shitty Camera I used for these couple of shots is the Smena 8M.
My favorite one too.
If I was a ghost I hope I would get cool vision like this.

Power is Power

Power is Power, originally uploaded by TokyoTImeFlickr.

Looming above the Wave of Tires.

Wave of Tires

Wave of Tires, originally uploaded by TokyoTImeFlickr.

The Wave of Tires will destroy us.

Life Sight

Life Sight, originally uploaded by TokyoTImeFlickr.

This one is...alot better. I actually feel like I'm alive looking at this.
I don't feel like a ghost.
This is next to an office building where I was visiting a friend. I wanted to get a closer shot but there was a drop which leads to that fence in the picture. It was just too damn cold for me to be monkeying around private property. I know, likely excuse.
I liked the plastic bags caught in the barbed wire, it reminded me of the South Bronx, and Astoria.
Life Sight feels so much better.

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