Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Ghosts of Our Past.

Hi there!

102 degrees got ya down?
Never mind that nonsense!
You're here to look at more pictures, right?
so enjoy yourself on the interwebs.
My most recent batch of pictures I had developed were...well..not very good.
but I have a couple of alright shots.
ya just have to keep on shooting. Good or Bad.
I do it out of necessity.
It's a need to record my life in fragments and moments.
So that moment has play back value.
I can feel that fraction of a second all over again, pulling the entire memory even closer.
My time is mine to record. Who else will, if I don't?

This first shot is of Jaggery performing at a Yoga studio in Manhattan.
Spaciousness that would make a young woman curl up her toes and dance to the music only she can hear. It was a very intimate and dimly lit set. This shot was set in Bulb mode and I left the shutter open for about 15 seconds.
Singer Mali is that mass of wispy white dress on the left.
The ghost of Mali haunts us after every performance.
The Ghost of Singer Mali
Yogaworks, Manhattan
The Ghost of Scott Seelig.
Cafe Orwell, Brooklyn
The Ghost of Vessela.
Cafe Orwell, Brooklyn
The Ghost of Goli.
Cafe Orwell, Brooklyn

Thank you for viewing!
Next will be my first roll of film with a Zenit 3M freshly shipped from the Ukraine!

Photos in this post are taken with a Belomo Vilia.

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