Saturday, November 17, 2012

Long Beach

Exploring Long Beach until the sun goes down.

Escondido Falls

The rolling hills of Malibu on a hike to Escondido Falls.

Pe(e)king into China

This shot is from the Botanical Garden at Huntington Library in LA. It was a brutally hot summer day. The desert garden reaaally felt like one. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful place and they certainly had their shit together. Some top notch horticulture practices going on here.
We were able to retreat into the Chinese garden for some much needed shade and bending around the corner, I saw this gem of a sight:

Joshua Tree

During my hiatus I picked up a Micro 4:3 camera. The Olympus PEN EP-1.
I have a slightly wider angle lens at 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6.
It's a bit of a tricky camera because it doesn't come with its own flash.
My logic behind the 'No built-in flash? Eeeh I don't mind'  idea, was that whenever I actually do use a flash, it wasn't a good photo anyway. And I can always buy the attachment later.

Working again with digital photos has brought me back to editing. I use PS CS5 and PS Lightroom 3.
I forgot how much fun it is to tinker with my photos. Even with lesser gear, with skills in editing you can achieve shots that are just as powerful as high end shooters.
I still have lots to learn and play with post editing. Here's my attempt at a watermark too! Enjoy.

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In search of myself, I flew across the country from New Jersey to Los Angeles. The universe brought me to the gates of an Ashram on top of a mountain. The mother center of Self Realization Fellowship in Mount Washington, CA. One week later I am employed as a tree pruner and gardener at the mother center. The path to finding oneself is a peculiar one. This is a record of my spiritual observations through nature and life while employed as an Ashram Gardener.