Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Midtown Fall

Midtown Fall, originally uploaded by TokyoTImeFlickr.

I do a lot of walking for my job. I walk from client to client all around the city. I water plants for large and small offices, and one retail place.
Also hospitals and a daycare center in the Bronx.
Alot of my time is spent traveling. Walking with my music in my ears and hordes of tourists to bob and weave through.
You'll see alot of these. It's just my life at the moment.
This is midtown somewhere.
The Sun is giving us a break from the cold morning.

Burning Down the Bronx

Burning Down the Bronx, originally uploaded by TokyoTImeFlickr.

South Bronx.
I actually found the google maps image of this place.
Before it had burned down that is.

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That's the payphone right there in the middle of the barber shop. That food corp is not there anymore as well.

The internet is amazing.
google will take over the world one day.
along with starbucks and NYU.

Suburbs in the night

Suburbs in the night, originally uploaded by TokyoTImeFlickr.

This is a pretty long exposure if I remember correctly.
I would say close to 15 seconds.
The fall colors look amazing under the street light.
Who needs to travel up north for fall foliage?


Sunspot, originally uploaded by TokyoTImeFlickr.

NJ Turnpike.
Somewhere among the field of Phragmites.
An invasive grass that I've strangely grown to love.
Many of you can thank these plants for your allergy symptoms.
I can't imagine what the swamps looked like before the take over.

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