Friday, August 14, 2009

Just cus I can.

Light Painting1

Since I really love how this photo came out..I'm going make it big.
it's prrty.
And I'm going to start doing more experiments with this.
stay tuned.



Now...isn't that so much nicer?!
I know all 10 of you who have visited this site were wondering, why are the pictures so damn small?! I could see the lot of you gnashing your teeth in frustration...but in reality you were most likely just shrugging and going about your business.

well, here it is.

Now...if you want any of my previous pictures enlarged and posted on my site, please go right ahead and ask me.

aaaaah, this is much nicer.



Bathroom Wall, originally uploaded by TokyoTImeFlickr.

It's a good thing this picture isn't a person peeing.
Though if it were, I bet I would attract alot of attention, and readers. Cus there are alot of sick people on the interwebs.

Instead, this is a bathroom wall.
This was what I saw while I was peeing in Brooklyn somewhere...
The venue was called Good Bye Blue Mondays and I've been there numerous times to listen to music. A nice friendly venue with a trailer park trash-esque feel.

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