Sunday, February 3, 2013 me some noodles.

These are my friends Lau, Schmee and renegade noodle.
This isn't the first time Lau has been on my blog. She's so beautifully photogenic.
This was after a rowdy night at a punk rock show in Williamsburg.
I was very drunk and bossy. Deal with it.

A Perfect Circle

This is a big stained glass piece at the Natural History Museum in LA.
Their display of animals were done really nicely and was kept up too. I feel like the one in NYC is certainly superior but they don't clean their displays like in LA.
The museum itself was a bit boring but then's a museum.

Happy 100th-ish Post!

Some time about 6 entries ago I hit my 100th post.
This year will mark a new beginning.
The year of the snake is coming to show us how to shed our old skin and start fresh again.
Thank you.

I Love you.


Sandy came to NJ and took the power with her. She smote a tree and with it went the transformer. The deafening distinct boom sounded as the windows flashed in an impossibly white light. Taking away with it, all the lights in the house.

No one dares touch the thing. It's just laying there on the street. I remember a liquid or oil of some sort coming from the transformer itself. The tree fell completely over the street, blocking any traffic. This photo is a couple of days after the storm when a crew came and cut the tree into small pieces and neatly placed them on the side of the street. This was the beginning of 9 days without power or heat.
But at least a roof over my head and everyone safe and sound.

The black and white shows the sawdust beautifully, making a sweet finely detailed texture.
I hope you're all recovered from Sandy. She was a real bitch wasn't she? 

Deepest Depths

This was somewhere in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The southern part, where some call Dark Slope.
It was a cold cold COLD afternoon. You see how beautiful the sky is? Yet, in contrast the buildings below are completely dark and featureless. Only the bold outline of a building is captured.
It's like the sky sucked away its warmth and left it a colorless rigid shape.
Body heat fleeing to join the brisk relentless winds playing with the marble sky.

How can skies this beautiful cast upon us shadows of the deepest depths?

Hermes might say...
Did you forget dude?
As Above. So Below.

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