Monday, May 31, 2010

Sights from a Cloud

Here are some shots from an expired Fuji 400 color roll, using my Belomo Vilia.
I bought a bunch of these rolls because they were just so cheap.
But it's true. You get what you pay for.
These were exceptionally crappy because they only have 12 shots in a roll.
I will never return to crappy film again.
My cameras are crappy enough, my film should be at least...unexpired.

But that doesn't mean I'll turn down any free expired film. *wink*

The first three are shots from the Cloud Club in Boston.
Half of the fourth is a window view from an attic and the other half is the bus.
I don't really know what this is. A vent?
Cloud Club, Boston
Doors of a cloud.
Cloud Club, Boston
Green Horsey.
Cloud Club, Boston
Daydreaming on the way to work.

I've decided to put up some bonus shots from the last two rolls of Panoramic and B&W film.
The shot of the building with all of its magnificent reflections was inspired by Alyse Liebovich.
She has many published photos and is an overall dynamic person. Her photos are just as dynamic, if not more.
She captures reflections and patterns that make you look twice.

The second shot is of well...a tree! and a REALLY dark chandelier.
I really like how the left half with the light bulbs came out so dark and soft.

Reflecting patterns.
Undisclosed location, Mid-town
My home/Quercus

Thanks for viewing!

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