Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oil in Swan Lake Dance

Oil in Swan Lake 2, originally uploaded by TokyoTImeFlickr.

Hello all!

I've come back from a bit of a hiatus.
Just wandering in my thoughts is all. In my wandering I found that I have to come back to showing people my photos. I never stopped taking photos but I lost interest in showing them to other people.

A friend of mine who is traveling the country at the moment sent some encouraging words about my photos. I didn't realize anyone was viewing or even interested. I started this so I might be able to inspire others through my photos. I've lost track of what that means and lost faith in people.
When you lose faith in people, you lose faith in yourself.
Because you are in fact a part of the people.

I'm also changing how I upload pictures.
I'm going back to my old way.
Mainly for the ease of it. ^_^
They will appear smaller now, but you can just click it to get to a bigger picture! see? Baby food.

I used to work with a day laborer in my rooftop gardening days who would call easy tasks, Baby Food.
''You want me to carry this soil up two floors? Oh that's baby food, no problem".

Each picture will be a separate post for dramatic viewing!
And cus it's easier for me!
But mainly because it's easier for me. ^_^

Thank you,
and I apologize for the 3 month hiatus.


Oil in Swan Lake Exposed

Oil in Swan Lake Exposed, originally uploaded by TokyoTImeFlickr.

I encountered this one day during a normal commute to work through Time square.
A dreaded place it is. Mobbed with tourists, beggars, and walking advertisements.
Sometimes there are woman with their whole bodies completely painted. Sometimes there are break dancers putting on a really "Urban" show. And other times shiny cars are placed in the center of it all showcasing the newest models.
Often I wonder how many tourists have pictures of loved ones with me in the background with a watering can strapped to my backpack. Now that's amusing.

Oil in Swan Lake

Oil in Swan Lake, originally uploaded by TokyoTImeFlickr.

But my favorite part these days about the awful Time square are the tourists from around the world wearing T-shirts that say "American Idiot" on it. Classic.
We're dumb, we're fat, we're proud and we don't give a shit. The American way.

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