Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The God Effect. you ever shoot with Digital anymore?

no..not really. Sometimes.

Why not?

Because of the God Effect.

Hello all,

Welcome back to A Hundred Thousand Lucks.
I was asked today why I don't shoot in digital much anymore.
I first started to really love photography when I received my first digital camera(canon elph SD500) as a gift. Easy to carry, everything is pretty much automated and it taught me composition at a rapid pace. Few years later I graduated to a used Pentax *istD. This is how I learned of the workings of an SLR. Simple to understand, easy to operate, but with endless possibilities. Add the post-editing mindset and you have a highly altered digital photo creating process.
Sure it looks crisp, clear and pretty. Photos can easily be made to look hyper-realistic with the technology and editing skills available to us today. But something inside me tells me that these impeccable photos are not truthful. They're manipulated to seem impeccable.
It's a rare occasion to see in hyper-reality. It absolutely does happen, though. The right conditions have to match up with the right timing and the right emotions.(And camera)
This is what I call the God Effect. Sometimes God is ready for you to click that shutter for a perfect photo and other times God doesn't give a damn about your artistic vision. The God effect is the unknown. The seemingly random things that bless us and curse us. It's present in everyday things like a Poker game, cooking, fishing, etc. It's different from luck in the way that it doesn't come from within us but works around us. It's everywhere.
Shooting in film gives me a chance to capture moments in all its honesty.
It is in fact only a chance and I may find one good photo out of a hundred rolls of film, but I can proudly say that that one photo is honest, pure, and true.
I am in love with the God Effect and I will pursue the unknown to whatever end.

The God Effect.
Dumbo, Brooklyn
Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass.
Dumbo, Brooklyn
Portrait of an Odyssey.
Leonia, NJ
The Aura of Intention.
Brooklyn Boulders, Park Slope
Brooklyn Boulders, Park Slope
Inspired By Spires.
Saint Patrick's Cathedral, NYC.
Ghost Train Cometh.
WTC Station, Financial District NYC

Thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoyed your stay!
Come again soon!


Photos in this post are taken with a Smena 8M and Kodak 400CN B&W film.

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