Saturday, August 15, 2009

wrought iron sky

gazebo and sky

The NYBG Rose garden is always nutritious for your eyes.
Even out of season.

Walking from the top of the stairs that are seemingly carved out of a giant boulder, a garden in a perfect circle is panoramically sprawled below me. I can't help but sigh every time I see this view. The rose garden usually marks the end of my trip here. Not out of choice, but out of coincidence.
There is an ornate gazebo centered in the carefully planned architecture of the garden. Standing in the center of it all gives you a sense of feeling one with the rose garden.
I tilted my face up under the gazebo, eyes closed soaking in the rays of the sun. The gazebo provided just enough shade in its geometric detail, to spare me from squinting when I opened my eyes. The rose garden felt one with the universe, and for a short moment everything was everything, and I was its eyes. Observing myself.

a flow of mustard bright yellow garments flash in the distance.
An expression of amusement slowly wrinkles in my face, and what I was witnessing was a video shoot of some sort. A man and woman dancing in bright colored garb, dancing like they do only in Indian Bollywood films.

I can see that some visitors are gazing up into the sky, furrowing their brows in concern.
Droplets of rain appear in the gravel walkways, and again the rose garden marks the end of this trip to the Botanical Garden.


go check out the New York Botanical Garden, if you haven't already.

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