Monday, June 15, 2009

Rest your wings.

Butterfly1, originally uploaded by TokyoTImeFlickr.

Well, I'm not the best entomologist around...well I'm not an entomologist at all really...
Which means that I certainly cannot decipher if this winged beast is a Moth or Butterfly.
All I know is that this creature is Amazing.
I took this shot at the Butterfly exhibit in the Museum of Natural History.
It was one of the best museum experiences of my life.
I had a little bit too much fun. Imagine a really hot and damp room packed with all the plants from the tropics that butterflies love.
Release thousands of exotic butterflies in it, then place yourself inside that room. Flying things land on your head. You can reach out your hand in almost any direction and have one willingly land on your hand.

Also, this shot was taken with a Canon SD500 little snap n' shoot camera. This proves that these little cameras have pretty decent macro capabilities, due to their small lenses.

One more shot.

AdrienneA3, originally uploaded by TokyoTImeFlickr.

of Adrienne Anemone.


Projectors, originally uploaded by TokyoTImeFlickr.

at least I think they are projectors...
I found this little mantle decoration at one of Adrienne Anemone's shows.
It was...somewhere in Brooklyn..I never asked what the venue was called....that's just the kind of guy I am.
She played a great show as usual.
I don't know where the green light was coming from...I also don't question beauty when I see it.
Christmas lights...are always a wondrous thing to see, in the dark.

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