Monday, June 7, 2010

Poaceae and a Bridge.

Poaceae is the Grass family.
Bamboo is actually a grass. I bet you learned that from a snapple cap.
It is in fact the largest growing grass. It's also extremely strong and flexible.
Some of these shots are from an exhibit at the Met.
With a guided tour you can go on the bamboo paths and walk up and around through the structure.
I didn't get a chance to do this because of time restrictions but perhaps I will get to visit again.
The rest are from Central Park.
I've walked across the Park countless times but never have I seen this amazing bridge.
I tend to get to my destination by instinct. I have a general idea of direction but for the most part I am going by common sense and feel. This type of navigation is by no means actually good.
But it seems to be good for me. When I start to feel completely lost, I'll try and do things like visualize the name of the block i'm trying to get to on a street sign. This method has never failed me. I always end up finding my destination, but in the meantime I'm also worried sick that I might be hopelessly lost.

This roll was very educational. I learned that my viewfinder is so inaccurate because I am supposed to be shooting within a bracket inside the viewfinder. But the lines are so faded that I never knew they even existed! I was only able to see them after very close inspection.
There will be no more cutting off of foreheads! Enjoy!

Bamboo Exhibit.
The Met, Manhattan
Bamboo Exhibit.
The Met, Manhattan
Bamboo Exhibit.
The Met, Manhattan
Petaluma and Bamboo.
The Met, Manhattan
Timeless Bridge.
Central Park, Manhattan
Petaluma and the Timeless Bridge.
Central Park, Manhattan
Somewhere, Manhattan

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Photos in this post are taken with a Belomo Vilia and Kodak 400CN B&W film.

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