Tuesday, August 23, 2011

AJP & Dodenc

AJP and Mr. Dodenc w/ Marianne.

The Under Belly

This is the under hang part of Marianne. It's not really much of an under hang...I know. She is mostly feature less and most unforgiving.
But such is the nature of the beast. Her underbelly will not be vulnerable.


Respect. AJP.

Right by the Beach.

Looking down the bay. I can see for miles.

Bathing Marianne

AJP pays respect by cleaning the chalk off of Marianne.
We don't just climb rocks. We Love them.


The Fog and The Sea separate but are always longing to be together.

No One Nose

A little ways away from Marianne, we found this "Nose" popping out of the shallow bay.
One day I will climb up the Nose.

In Her Glory

And there she is...
The most magnificent rock in Long Island. She is easily over 20 feet high.
Streaked with amazing colors of intricate detail. She is a true Beach Beauty.

Scrambling to Marianne

The salty sea breeze. So familiar to me.

The Way to Marianne

Some small boulders pop out of the bay...a promising sign.

Stairs to Marianne

Here are some more memories of Marianne and East Marion, LI.
The steps down to the beach. Natives here have it pretty nice.

Traveling Snail

A co-worker of mine slaps this little guy on my hand. Just another day at work. It must be a stowaway from a delivered plant.
There happened to be a group of little girls in the Budding Gardener's class outside in the garden, learning about plants.
I came out to show them and they huddled chaotically over my hand. Some of them brave enough to touch it and some of them too little to even get a glimpse.
I pulled the little ones up front for a closer look and I swear their eyes bulged out like the snail's feelers.
I checked for any peering eyes of the Budding Gardener's and placed the snail in the bog garden. After a little word of warning to the snail, I turned around to notice
a bug eyed girl in the glasshouse window watching me intently. I walked back inside and the same girl runs into my leg in a rush then asks if I've let the snail go.
"Yes I did, but he needs to get familiar with his new home now. Try not to bother him". She pouts and tells me she understands.

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In search of myself, I flew across the country from New Jersey to Los Angeles. The universe brought me to the gates of an Ashram on top of a mountain. The mother center of Self Realization Fellowship in Mount Washington, CA. One week later I am employed as a tree pruner and gardener at the mother center. The path to finding oneself is a peculiar one. This is a record of my spiritual observations through nature and life while employed as an Ashram Gardener.