Sunday, May 30, 2010

Look who it is!

And these are the last of the black and white roll, but certainly not the least.
This is the beautiful Petaluma Vale at her University after receiving her scholarly awards.

This was around 6 or 7pm. The Sun was setting and the skies became overcast.
I love when far from optimal conditions create surprising effects like this.
Just because your conditions aren't optimal doesn't mean you shouldn't go for it anyway.
Keep Shooting. Don't stop.
As my main man Chosan would say.
Keep Shining.



Hope you enjoyed this roll. More to come with expired color film from the 80's.
Here are the Bronx photos from the previous black and white roll.
Shot during one of my travels through the south Bronx at work every friday.
I feel a strange affinity towards this area.
It reminds me of Queens, my early childhood.
Astoria has those huge ominous subway tracks above ground, just like the Bronx.
There's a permanent shadow on the streets below.
I still remember, how it always feels so much cooler under the tracks on a hot summer day.

176th St. Station.
Burnside Ave. Station.
4 train
Burnside Ave. Station.

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