Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's a new Layout! BIRDIES!

Hello Hello!

Welcome back for more strange pictures taken with crappy cameras!
I've taken a liking to the Kodak 400CN B&W 35mm film.
Our film technology has advanced leaps and bounds since the original production of Belomo Vilias.
It almost compensates for how inefficient my machines are. (almost)

Speaking of inefficient machines. I recently broke down and purchased a Zenit 3M!
It's a real old Russian SLR originally produced from 1962 up to 70.
It's based off of a camera that's a copy of the popular Leica II's.
Which means it's a copy of a copy of a Leica. It's also alot cheaper. ^_^
I'm pretty excited!...but I must be patient. It's flying all the way from the Ukraine.
It won't be here anytime soon....

oh anyway! some pictures!
Some are from the new Highline park in Manhattan. Some are from the Met museum and even from a merrill lynch building that I visit for work every tuesday.
The subway car shot was a fun experiment. We were on the first cart going forward.
I squeezed my camera against the tinted window. Then I held the aperture open for 10, 12 seconds as we emerged out from the tunnel into the next station. And despite the window being tinted, I thought it came out quite nice.
There are also some pictures that are a mystery as to where I took them...that's not surprising is it? meeeh well what can ya do?

I hope you enjoy your stay here!

Unknown Shot.
Keep your eyes on the tracks.
E train, Manhattan
Ghosts in the shot.
Office Building, Manhattan
Unnatural Nature.
Office Building, Manhattan
City fauna.
Highline Park, Manhattan (shot from)
More Bamboo!
Bamboo Exhibit.
The Met, Manhattan
I Can Tell When Your Mind is Elsewhere.
The Met, Manhattan

Thank you so much for viewing!
Much love to you all.

Photos in this post are taken with a Belomo Vilia and Kodak 400CN B&W film.

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