Monday, June 27, 2011


The Greenhouse cat. Resident mouser and terrorizer of the sparrows.
Her name is Bamboo. She is 14 years young and set in her ways.
Here, I finally figure out how she gets up to the high shelves.

Pretty Bird

As we are walking on the beach...I found this beautiful tragedy.
I felt sad for it. I cannot fathom its demise. Raccoons? Foxes?
What would leave a bird without head, neck or legs?
Why has the torso been left behind? It could be an egret from the large size of it.
As I'm wondering all of this in despair, a friend of mine walks up and casually says "Pretty Bird".

And I remembered...It's good to have a sense of humor.

But it's not really green.

I really do like Black and White photos.
It leaves coloring up to the imagination. It conjures colors into your eyes.
In a way it is an optical illusion. An hallucination.
This picture is very green to me. It may not be for you.
It's like a joke that our brains play on our eyes.
"Hah, fooled you".
and your eyes say,
"Thank you".

Greenport House

Greenport, LI.
This is our summer get away. The family of a good friend of mine have graciously let us rent it for the weekend.

And Now....We're Back On Track.

LI train tracks. The end of the North Fork.
As a kid I used to walk these up and down aimlessly.
Walking in between the tracks...I still remember the unevenness of the railroad ties. It never felt comfortable. There was never a good rhythm in your stride.
You're always a half step too fast or a half step too slow. Making the ties awkwardly interrupt your steps.
But now that I'm older, my stride and steps have grown just enough to be able to walk with rhythm. Walk facing straight.

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In search of myself, I flew across the country from New Jersey to Los Angeles. The universe brought me to the gates of an Ashram on top of a mountain. The mother center of Self Realization Fellowship in Mount Washington, CA. One week later I am employed as a tree pruner and gardener at the mother center. The path to finding oneself is a peculiar one. This is a record of my spiritual observations through nature and life while employed as an Ashram Gardener.