Monday, August 17, 2009

Carnie Dragon


aawww man, I found another great picture from the Carnival that came to town.
I guess they are rides of some sort...
They frighten me.
I just don't trust a Dragon, magical or not, that looks like that.

You know what was the best thing about the Carnival?

Deep Fried Oreo's.

Delicious and warm pieces of sweet death.

Relax, have a seat.


This is a chair.
I's just a chair.
I just read a book, called the Celestine Prophecy.
It reminded me of just how amazing and beautiful the world is.
It brought me back to my childhood, when everything was new to me. I can vividly see the beauty in things uninterrupted by the worries of our society.
Cellphone. Rent. Work. Insurance. Cars. What might someone think of me. Ego. Control. Facebook. Myspace. Television. Internet.

The sky used to be bluer when I was a child.
maybe my eyes have just grown darker.

The Celestine Prophecy is a fictitious adventure story.
About insights and realizations of the self and the universe.
at was for me.


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In search of myself, I flew across the country from New Jersey to Los Angeles. The universe brought me to the gates of an Ashram on top of a mountain. The mother center of Self Realization Fellowship in Mount Washington, CA. One week later I am employed as a tree pruner and gardener at the mother center. The path to finding oneself is a peculiar one. This is a record of my spiritual observations through nature and life while employed as an Ashram Gardener.