Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back in Black and White.

These were taken with my Belomo Vilia. The Vilia is an old Russian camera with very limited settings and a plastic lens. Shoots 35mm film and is one damn sexy machine.
I used (NEW!)Kodak 400CN 35mm B&W film.
The Vilia is becoming more and more popular among the Lomography community.
This camera actually goes for almost $80 on some sites.
I bought this camera off Ebay from someone in Russia for $15. s&h was $8.
Please always look at Ebay before buying anything from the Lomography site. They are absolutely unreasonable with their prices.
Many people sell these Russian cameras for very cheap, but are usually not in the US.

This was my first go with BW film and my Vilia. And on top of that, it's NEW film!
That's a first as well for this camera. I've been using expired film because they're damn cheap. But new film is so worth it. I have one more expired roll of color film left and after I'm done with that...I'm only buying new film.

Here are some shots taken in Brooklyn on top of my friend's studio.
King Killer Studios, please check them out. They are by far the best rehearsal space/recording studio in Brooklyn.

Next will be shots taken in the Bronx.


Gowanus/Red Hook Brooklyn.
Gowanus/Red Hook Brooklyn.
Gowanus/Red Hook Brooklyn, F train.
Gowanus/Red Hook Brooklyn, F train.
Gowanus/Red Hook Brooklyn, F train.
Gowanus/Red Hook Brooklyn.
Gowanus/Red Hook Brooklyn.
The Reverend in a room full of sound. King Killer Studios.

Thank you for viewing! Enjoy.

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