Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Dappled Sunlight.
This is in the morning when the air is still cool and the leaves are still moist.
This particular morning I saw nature projected on this street.
This street is actually an Avenue and It's also where I live.

av·e·nue (v-n, -ny)
1. Abbr. Ave. or Av. A wide street or thoroughfare.
a. A broad roadway lined with trees.<3
b. Chiefly British The drive leading from the main road up to a country house.
3. A means of access or approach: new avenues of trade.

My block has huge Norway maples lining most of it. It creates a great cooling system for the houses and the street.
But never mind the practicality of it.
The dappled shadow show is interactive in that you can feel the wind and also watch the moving shadows of the leaves.

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