Monday, August 31, 2009

Our local nature reserve.

if you know who I am and where I live, you would know that I'm talking about Flat Rock Brook.
It's a small, nice little nature reserve, with a community feel.
I've been through these woods more than I ever should have.
And lately, I find myself back there to calm my nerves. To see the forest for the trees.
Working in the city, you start to forget the smell of a hickory nut. The sound of twigs breaking against their will under your feet. The sight of a water ripple that will ceaselessly wander outwards to find the ends of the pond.
On some lucky days I might find a herd of deer, walking slowly as they graze on the wildflowers.
Usually with these herds is a male deer. The ones with big scary antlers. I don't really know what the best thing to do in that situation is, but I know to keep calm, silent, and peaceful.

Two young fawns are rustling through the woods, in a playful manner. One of them notices us. It stands at attention and peers in our direction. Though, it was apparent that playing was far more important then the two humans on the rock. They disappear in a racket, and we took some steps away from them. I can hear the herd coming closer in our direction. Sounds of twigs, and leaves being disturbed perhaps for their first time. Halting immediately we stay still as a small family of deer come into view. The gnarled, sharp antlers of the male deer catches my attention. I thought for a moment that perhaps this was far more dangerous than I imagined.
The sharp points of the antlers face our direction and he stares straight at us.
I put my heart at ease. My instinct was to be calm and at peace. I felt as though I was one with the forest. That I was just one of the birch trees among the hills, dropping catkins and exfoliating my bark. He nods to me in a sign of acknowledgment, and we came to an understanding that we are not here to harm each other. Slowly the herd passes by us, with the Doe trailing behind in careful watch of her fawns. She was also aware of us, yet passed by without any hesitation.
Those few seconds of observing this herd felt like a lifetime. In perfect silence and perfect peace, I became the forest for a mere thirty seconds. The herd was walking upon me and I felt their every footstep. I was a tree in the forest.

This first shot was supposed to be just a spider web...
But after I uploaded it onto my computer, I found a face in the spider's web.
A face that is in agony. Torture. A chill went up my spine..
Sometimes I take pictures that I wish I never took.


The reflection. And a tree.
And the reflection of trees.




I hope you enjoy yourself here.

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